Monday, June 27, 2011

Leek & Potato Soup

1. Australian Potatoes
2. 1Italian sausage 
3. Leek

Cream of Chicken and Pan-fried Salmon Pasta

1 block of salmon
Chicken Rolls
1 packet  Campbell Cream of Chicken Soup powder
Coriander leaves
Basil leaves
Onions & Garlic 
San Remo Pasta (Vermicelli)

Prawn noodle - Hokkien Mee

With the variety of brands for hokkien mee paste readily available at local grocery stores, the preparation time which is otherwise lengthier and tedious has been shortened and simplified. 

1 packet of TalentCook Prawn Noodle Paste + 500ml water (bring to boil) + 500ml prawn broth (by boiling the prawn shells)
Shredded Chicken meat
Water Convolvulus
Hard Boiled Eggs 
Fried Shallots 
Rice Vermicelli 
San Remo Pasta (vermicelli) - to replace the infamous yellow noodle.