Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nutella Sandwich

Since there were some leftover mini pancakes from previous day dessert, and not wanting to waste them, I made Nutella sandwich for breakfast. 

After reheating the pancakes on medium heat pan, I spread a layer of Nutella on one side of the pancake and sandwich it with another piece. Quick and easy for a lazy morning! 

Nutella Treasure Box

I like to go grocery shopping in foreign land because it is so amazing to see so many different ingredients, products and spices that are not commonly found at the grocery store back home. 
I was excited to find White Wings Original Pancake Shaker on sale and decided to buy one for experiment. It is so easy to make pancakes with this shaker. All that is needed is to fill up the bottle with water and shake  the mixture until it is smooth, then off it goes on a heated pan.
Inspired by  Paddington House of Pancakes Treasure Box dessert, I made mini pancakes that resembles coins. They look like gold coin on browned/burned pancakes. Cute! Next, lightly spread a layer of nutella on the pancakes to add some chocolaty flavor to it. Finally, top it off with dollops of ice-cream and generous sprinkle of trail mix (nuts, raisins and seeds) and fresh blueberries.  Isn't it easy to satisfy one's sweet tooth cravings? 

Chicken & Mushroom Lentil soup

Nothing beats the weather with a simple bowl of comfort food - savory hot soup. It was a cold rainy day and my appetite wasn't good for a proper meal, so I whipped up something easy with the ingredients I have. 

- A bag of mixed beans and lentil
- Prego's Pasta sauce - tomato and basil
- Oyster mushroom
- Chicken breast meat - cubed
- Cracked black pepper
- Coriander for garnishing

Mix all the ingredients with 1.5 bowl of water in a slow cooker and put it on 'high' for 5 hours. 

Nique's: Yummylicious Seafood Pasta

This is the most yummylicious home-cooked seafood pasta with generous portions of squid, basa fillet, and mussels, stir fry with fresh mushroom,  garlic and diced tomatoes. Nique, who happened to cook seriously for the first time, has taken the challenge to prepare this lovely dish during my stay in 'The Forum'.

What a job well done! The aroma, taste, and texture of the dish were simply beautiful. One serving was certainly not enough to fill my appetite and I would love to eat this again when I'm back! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cute silicone egg poachers

These cute egg poachers could be mistaken for many objects if they are rare to be seen/found in some places. I was told that they look like women's newly improved bra pads, baby's feeding bowl/cup and some said flower petals. Funny!