Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fried Prawn Noodle

Yesterday, I found a packet of prawn noodle paste in my kitchen cupboard which was expiring soon so I thought why not make Hokkien Mee for lunch. On second thought, I was rather reluctant to go through the hassle of making prawn broth, hard-boil eggs, and fried shallots. My reluctance inspired me to attempt a dry version which bypass all the hassles of cooking the usual soup-based version. Only half a packet of the paste was used to fry the noodle because it would be too salty to use a whole packet since the original recipe calls for a litre of water to make the broth.

It turned out to be okay except that it wasn't as flavorful as I had expected it to be - I prefer stronger "prawny" flavor. Nonetheless, still an edible dish and I had a filling lunch.

- Half a packet of Prawn noodle paste
- Choy Sum (Flowering Chinese Cabbage?)
- Bean Sprouts
- Prawns
- 1-2 Eggs
- Substitute yellow noodle with Spaghetti - Angel hair

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