Thursday, May 3, 2012

How I Eat Chicken Curry: Part 1 - Chicken Curry Noodle

Several weeks ago while I was back at my parents' place, mum cooked one of my favourite dish - Chicken Curry. Before leaving, mum had generously packed a box of chicken curry for me to take away. I stored it in the freezer for over a week just because I wanted to save it for when there's craving for spicy food.

This was how I had my chicken curry recently - with angel hair pasta which I called Chicken Curry Noodle. It was no doubt delicious and was indeed a hearty meal which reminds me so much of "home sweet home".
Some basil leave was added just to add some color to the dish and make it visually more appealing (hopefully). Nonetheless, the taste blended very well with curry!

Mum's curry recipe does not use any coconut milk which is a healthier version and it could be stored longer as well. I do not have the exact recipe but mum does use lots of onions and garlic. Other obvious ingredients were star anis, cinnamon stick, potatoes, chicken, curry power, screw pine leave, and water.

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