Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pan-fried Salmon & Baked Beans

I love fish and it's my favourite source of protein over meat/poultry. Of all types of fish, salmon is probably my preferred choice because of its nutritious value. Unfortunately, fresh salmon is expensive and hard to find here. Thus, it's less affordable compared to other types of fish. Recently, I was lucky to come across fresh Norwegian salmon  at a local store during my grocery shopping. Without any hesitant, I bought a piece and happily thinking about dinner time. However, after all the walking and shopping, I came home feeling drop dead tired and wasn't quite motivated to do any more cooking. What do I with the salmon?

Just simply seasoned it with some lemon pepper salt, heat some oil and pan fried it until it's cooked and the oil oozes out from the corners. I made sure that the skin is really crispy too! After that, I used the same pan which was already greased with salmon oil (so flavourful!) to stir fry chopped garlic and celery. Then, pop opened a can of baked beans, stir-in the pan and get it heated a while. Voila! dinner is ready to serve! plucked some basil leaves (yes, I have a pot of fresh basils, still growing well) and garnish the dish with tinge of green. Very happy to get it all done under 30 minutes!

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