Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

With 'All Saints Day' drawing near, some of the malls were nicely decorated with Halloween theme. Carving of Jack O' lantern pumpkins, black and orange colors were common sight for this occasion. Halloween is an annual feast which falls on 31st October, a day before All Saints day (1st November).

Apparently, Halloween is a contraction of 'All-Hallows-Eve' which literally means the day before 'All-Hallows' or 'All-Saints' - Source Wikipedia. Although Halloween is not much of a feast here where I live and not widely celebrated in the country, I decided to join in the fun by sewing Jack O' Lantern pumpkin plush with leftover felt scrap from my Angry Birds project.

Here it is,  the final product of my sewing! It wasn't exactly the neatest and cutest, but perhaps it's acceptable for a first attempt. From the back view, it looks more like kamquat or pumpkin, isn't it?

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